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Are you searching for landscaping in Fayetteville NC? Call us and connect with one of our Lawn Care specialists who are capable and willing to perform everything that is expected to give your lawn a stunning look. A well-maintained lawn can change an ordinary home into an eye-getting property.

Lawn Care Wilson NC will create or maintain your garden at a reasonable cost. The prices differ depending upon the complexity and the time engaged with the landscape service. You may request our lawn care technicians in Fayetteville,on a week by week or month to month bases. We spread our experienced service to the entire Fayetteville, NC, and the surrounding areas in eastern NC, call us today for a free estimate.

Fayetteville NC, landscaping Services

  • We maintain and preserve grounds of all properties, our services include:
  • Debris removal
  • Snow shoveling
  • digging
  • trimming
  • mowing
  • raking
  • sprinkler installation
  • Planting flowers, shrubs, bushes, trees

Landscaping services in Fayetteville, NC  mission statment  states that you are not just simply paying for somebody to perform physical work on your yard. It is the information that we have acquired about plants and trees that our professionals have to keep them prospering on your lawn.


Regardless of whether or not you have a lawn, our landscapers are qualified seedbed specialists. Our Seedbed professionals will guarantee that your seedbed has the best possible dampness and ingredients to develop solid long roots. Utilizing seedbeds requires less physical work and requires less work and money to keep up.

laying sodd

Sodding experts are additionally available if you are currently searching for an instant lawn. Laying sod on your lawn causes less corrosion. Contact the environmental quality  in Fayetteville to see if erosion is a problem in your area. Sodding also takes more time and effort to grow profound roots. Whichever option you choose, the outcome withing laying grass on your lawn is instant and you can see excellent results.

Know which type of grass you have?

Knowing which type of grass you have will help us determine what is the best way to keep your lawn thriving. There many different types of grass, the majority of most lawns have many species in them. Chances are if you are in Fayetteville, NC and, were not the one to create your lawn, there could be a few different types of grass on your lawn. Identifying the different types can help you financially to choose how often to have your lawn maintained.
the majority of grass falls into one of two categories:

  • Cool-season grass– these species of grass thrive in cooler temperatures and are easier to maintain. The northern region is the general area they are found in.
  • Warm-season grass– these species thrive in warmer temperatures and require a moderate about of water to survive. This type of grass is usually found in Fayetteville, NC, and the southern parts of the United States.

Cool-season grass

Kentucky Bluegrass– Doesn’t perform well in shady areas or extremely cold conditions. However, it does tolerate heavy foot traffic, perfect if there are dogs present.

kentucky bluegrass fayetteville nc

Ryegrass -If you have Ryegrass on your lawn you would be able to spot them right away. They have a right shine to them and leave a white color when the grass is cut. Ryegrass germinates fast and is usually found in the north but may not survive extremely cold temperatures.

Tall Fescue / Fine Fescue -Fescue’s both tall and fine can withstand heavy foot traffic and both can thrive in shady areas. They are most used on athletic fields and have a nice look to them. fescues are normally found in northern areas however, Tall Fescues can be found in the south because of their ability to thrive in warm temperatures.

Warm-season grass

Zoysia grass –Needs regular maintenance due to the seed heads that are produced in abundance if not mowed. Zoysias are normally found in parts of Carolina such as Fayetteville, NC, and the surrounding areas. This type of grass can be found in the north as well but will turn brown once the temperature drops.

AUGUSTINE GRASS / FLORATAM -This grass has a broad blades and is rounded at the tip. Augustine grass is usually found in places such as Florida or California or warm climates. This type of grass does not thrive well in cold temperatures and requires regular maintenance. Augustine grass can grow up to 3 feet when left unattended for long periods of time.

augustine grass in fayetteville nc

Bermuda grass -This type of grass requires high maintenance and is usually used by golf courses because it’s ability to survive at low heights. This grass is also very dense and feels as if you are walking on a carpet. This grass is usually found in the south but can survive in Places such as Fayetteville, NC temperatures.

bermuda grass fayyetteville nc raeford

CENTIPEDE GRASS -While this grass thrives in warm areas it cannot thrive for long without an adequate supply of water. This type of grass grows horizontally so it doesn’t need to be mowed often, it is also easy to edge around sidewalks and garden beds which gives homes an amazing look.

centipede grass cliffdale fayetteville nc

Why would it be a good idea for you to choose us?

Landscaping Fayetteville, NC is not just a company that stops by to cut your grass. We guarantee that each plant prospers and is kept cut and that your contract with our team is meet and you are satisfied with our work. Our knowledge of plants prevents us from making mistakes that an inexperienced landscaper might make. For instance, certain plants need more water than others, some plants flourish in areas that others don’t. With Lawn Care in Wilson, NC you can rest guarantee that errors won’t be made, call our landscapers now , or connect with us for a free estimate.